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Convicted child rapist and murderer walks free on crime’s 24th anniversary, goes to live next elementary school

Florida teen, 18, killed in swampy natural preserve; Helicopters & drones used to locate body

Disastrous handling of vaccination rollout leads to Shelby County official’s resignation

Texas mom-of-2 tragically died behind wheel when flying tire hit windshield as she traveled on highway

New York grave digger dies at bottom of grave when it collapsed on him, burying him alive


Tragic: Missouri girl finds both Covid-positive parents dead in basement where they quarantined

Friday Night Lights actor caught hitting cops with crutch during Capitol riot

Dallas woman escapes death after suffering extreme reaction to antidepressant

Cop fatally shot while escorting disorderly spectator out New Orleans HS basketball game

US Olympic gymnastics coach accused of human trafficking left victims’ suicidal before he took own life

Trip gone bad: Man got into argument with wife on San Diego beach where he tried to drown her; bury her alive

Mentally disturbed Sacramento-area resident had stunning arsenal of guns and ammunition stockpiled at home

Hate crime: Mutilated cat left in box outside Asian American family business

Nebraska man lived quiet life until vanilla coke can linked him to 40 years old murder case

Ohio cop hailed hero after jumping into icy pond to rescue siblings

February 26th 2021

New Jersey mom found dead at waterfall with son had dying husband at hospital; 2 siblings dead within days

Toddler, 4, dies after inhaling push pin: ‘It’s not worth your child’s life’

Researchers optimistic after study showed one shot of Pfizer vaccine dramatically reduced Covid transmission

Buildings and buses charred when massive fire spread across Compton industrial structures

Florida woman complaining about previous purchase steals diamond ring worth $15k; Reward offered to find her

Washington girl, 11, shot and killed herself while recording video

Philadelphia doctor stabbed in face and head while treating patient

House fire uncovers decomposed body of woman; Roommate arrested

Emma Watson quits acting, isn’t taking ‘any projects’: Star’s agent says