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9 dead, 25 wounded in Chicago

Lithuanian man found alive after police believed he was dead for 5 years now

Cop accused of stealing guns, items from deadly crime scene

Man arrested for shooting during an 8-year-old son's funeral


Man jailed after stabbing his 7-year-old brother

27-day-old elephant dies at St. Louis Zoo

Woman arrested for stabbing her husband during an argument

Judge Salas records firt video after losing her son in a shooting

California couple arrested for hate crime and yelling "Only White Lives matter" at a dark-skinned couple

Washington police investigating a shooting at Costco

Atlanta police looking for two suspects involved in stealing a dog from a park

Teen found in the woods after missing for 8 days

Brooklyn man fatally stabbed during drug deal walks bleeding before dying blocks away

New father who had just turned 21 gunned down by masked shooter on eve of daughter’s baby shower

South Carolina man, 29, died when car caught fire following cars-collision

Michigan man, 60, arrested in murder of poker player found badly burned near recreation area

August 2nd 2020

Florida couple charged after breaking quarantine imposed for COVID-19 infection

Alabama mom murdered by son-in-law released from Colorado jail amid pandemic fears

4 people arrested after remains of missing Mississippi man found in Hancock coast

2 teens charged with murder of 8-week-old son who sustained broken bones, ribs and arms

Missing Washington teen, 18, found living in woods on berries for entire week

Prematurely delivered infant critical after pregnant Maryland woman shot dead inside home

Grandmother outs her grandsom for throwing bomb at the Federal Courthouse in Portland

1 Marine dead and others reported missing after a vehicle sank in water

Oklahoma authorities captured an inmate who tried to escape from jail

Predisent Trump decides to ban TikTok from the U.S

From an incarcerated woman to a possible 1st Black woman in Congress

A 9-year-old boy shot in a park in Chicago

NYC man falls to death from 5th-floor fire escape where he used to smoke: ‘Very fishy’

Florida boy, 10, survives fatal burglary hiding in bathroom; Grandfather, uncle dead

Travesty after judge sentenced foster mom to one-year in prison for blunt force death of toddler

Conn. Man lures teen boy, 14, to his death after months of Snapchat communications