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GOP Rep. Gaetz intends to file motion to oust McCarthy for siding with Dems to pass spending bill


New Mexico corrections officer caught bringing drugs into facility

NY man busted in Pennsylvania after allegedly shooting elderly stepfather to death execution-style

Postal worker dies in hit-and-run accident in Houston

Shooting near US-Mexico border leaves 2 migrants dead; 3 wounded

Rep. Greene calls for Democrat who ‘mistakenly’ pulled fire alarm during voting session to be prosecuted

Biden signs temporary funding plan passed by Congress preventing government shutdown

Colorado officer killed on-duty after suspect runs over her

Cartel films 6 teens being led to deaths before sending video to distraught parents

Gunman at large after shooting man, woman, dog dead at NYC park

September 30th 2023

Alabama mother with psychiatric issues hangs herself after drowning 2 children

‘Sobbing’ LI event planner sentenced for shoving Broadway singing coach, 87, killing her

Trump imitates Biden getting lost while leaving stage; claims Newsom is scheming 2024 run

‘It was some overkill there’: 2 men shot multiple times; killed inside trailer in Texas

Semi-truck hauling ammonia overturns in Illinois killing 5, hurting 5 & forcing evacuations

McCarthy admits he’s ‘broke’ as government shutdown looms

Alaska Rep. Peltola’s husband was ferrying over 500 pounds of moose when plane crashed killing him: Officials reveal

Flash flooding warnings issued across NYC as heavy rain slams Big Apple

Drug trafficker caught with 40 pounds of fentanyl in Bronx subway

2 military bases went into lockdown in Hawaii after ‘active shooter situation’

Texas teen admits to whacking friend with hammer; stabbing her to death in ‘fit of rage’