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President-elect Biden’s rehearsal postponed amid security threats

NYPD sends 200 cops to DC ahead of Inauguration Day: ‘Never done that before’

17-year-old girl found dead in Georgia cemetery; Suspect arrested in Florida

Pro-Trump man who killed himself was facing minor sentence; Wife claims MAGA protests are Leftist set-up


Woman dies of British Covid strain and experts worried over US super-Covid that appeared in Ohio

Autopsy reveals man found floating in East River, NY was murdered

Queens man stabs elderly father dead, attacks mom & 2 relatives

Following 2nd impeachment, Trump considers options left including resignation

Albany father, 16, who told relatives he gave newborn to friend, confesses to shooting her dead hours after birth

January 13th 2021

McConnell declines to call Senate together in emergency over impeachment matter before Biden’s inauguration

Georgia man charged with arson after setting ablaze home, killing mother

DC protester kills himself three days after being charged in connection with Capitol mayhem

Pennsylvania man surrenders after bludgeoning wife’s head with firepoker over cheating confession

De Blasio cancels Trump’s organization contracts worth over $45 million following mayhem

DC deploys 3,000 National Guardsmen, non-scalable walls to protect Capitol during today’s debate

At least 5 GOP members say they’ll vote to impeach Trump in today’s House debate