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Texas woman stabs daughter 30 times, attempts to kill brother’s teen friend

Allentown authorities confidentially investigate suspicious dog deaths across city

Tubing trip on North Carolina River ends in tragedy: 3 family members dead; 2 still accounted for

Suspicious death: Missing Texas man found dead one block away from girlfriend’s home where he was last seen

Newborn in Colorado begins life with 13-stitches face injury after botched C-section

Body of former US Marine found in Russian forest, 4 days after she went missing: ‘I hope I’m not being abducted’

3 dead, several injured when bus carrying 35 people collided head-on with SUV in South Carolina

Michigan Police arrest several suspects after gunman opened fire at traveling car, killing 2-year-old boy

June 20th 2021

Body of Andy Cohen's best friend found near Hudson River

10 killed including 9 juveniles from State Girls Ranch when bus crashed into SUV, caught fire

Woman fells 200ft to her death while watching sunset with husband at spectacular Wyoming spot

Pennsylvania Police catch bloody NJ brothers as they dump slain man in woods

Ohio husband arrested after detectives discovered he’d staged wife’s murder to look like suicide

South Carolina suspect evades police, leaves behind backpack with baby alligator inside

Buffalo Bills’ star says he won’t get Covid vaccine following new NFL rules: ‘I’d rather die actually living’

Man dies after shooting girlfriend dead, crashing into pole then shooting self in head

Manager of Albany restaurant convicted of slaughtering employee who threatened to expose hidden financial affairs

‘Model Officer’ dragged, killed in Ga. by motorist while conducting routine traffic stop; Suspect fatally shot

June 19th 2021

UPDATE: Mom and daughter found dead in upscale Connecticut residence were murder-suicide victims

His Way to Say Hello: Homeless man throws bottle at Gov. Newsom during trip to promote Oakland small businesses

Ohio man with gunshot wound dies after being run over by police he called for help

Florida teen, 14, leaves unsecured gun within 6-year-old boy’s reach leading to tragedy: ‘Curiosity got best of him’

Wisconsin woman claims elderly grandma asked for help dying before she suffocated her, set home on fire

Horror in Minneapolis after recently deceased body parts found scattered along neighborhood

Son of former NFL defensive lineman stole dad’s SuperBowl rings and other jewelry worth $300k

New owner discovers human leg inside closet wall of classy Queens home

Washington daredevil motorcyclist, 28, dies in fatal crash while practicing for record-breaking jump

Kentucky woman vanishes after jumping into creek: ‘Somebody had to have seen her somewhere’