‘I really wanna kill him’: Missouri mom arrested after filming herself smothering infant with hands, blanket

1 month ago

St. Louis news, Missouri news.

A young Missouri mother was charged this week after she allegedly sent disturbing videos of herself abusing her infant son to a friend.

Emma Rigdon, 20, filmed herself slapping the baby and placing her hands and a blanket over his face on April 15 and sent the clip to her friend.

Rigdon allegedly filmed a similar video, minutes later, and sent it to the friend with a text that read:

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  • “IDK when I do that, I feel happy like adrenalin rush. I be stopping right before he dies. Last time, he was blue.”

    “I really wanna kill him but I don’t want to go to jail so. It’s unfortunate. He’s just gonna have to pay for his existence.”

    Rigdon was charged with abuse or neglect of a child. Her lawyer argued that she suffered from a personality disorder in addition to postpartum depression.