Kindergarten teacher with loaded gun in purse arrested after threatening to shoot up Nashville school

1 month ago

Nashville news, Tennessee news.

A Tennessee kindergarten teacher was taken into custody Thursday morning after she allegedly threatened to shoot up the school.

Sheneca Cowart, 29, was arrested at The Academy of McCrory Lane where she allegedly made the threats.

An employee of the school met with responding officers and told them the daycare and the preschool were in lockdown following Cowart’s disturbing statements.

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    Although initially denying making the threats, Cowart later said that she made the statements on April 10.

    Officers found a loaded gun in Cowart’s purse. She then confessed to having another loaded gun in her car, outside the school.

    Cowart was charged with assault and threat of mass violence at a school in addition to two counts of carrying a weapon onto school property.