Tennessee boy, 10, dies days after being swept into storm drain: ‘He put others first’

25 days ago

Nashville news, Tennessee news.

A Tennessee boy has succumbed to severe injuries he sustained after being swept into a storm drain last week.

Asher Sullivan, the 10-year-old son of Rutherford County schools director Jimmy Sullivan, died at around 1:20 p.m. Saturday.

His grieving parents said his organs would be donated.

“It’s 100% an Asher-type thing to do in continuing to be selfless. He will have an honor walk at the hospital in the next few days and be celebrated as he is, a hero!” Sullivan said.

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  • Asher was with neighbors picking up debris during a storm when he was swept away on May 8.

    He was found in a drainage ditch and taken to Vanderbilt where he was placed on life-support.

    Asher’s parents refused to give up on hope asking for additional MRIs that only showed further deterioration in his brain damage.

    While they met with doctors Friday morning, Asher’s vitals crashed and he lost his ability to control his temperature and move his eyes.

    “Our sweet boy did what Asher has always done, he put others first. No longer did Kaycee and I have to make an impossible decision. Instead, he made it for us while we were out of the room,” Sullivan added.