Biden’s ads flood TV and social media as Democrats outspend opponents by millions

1 month ago

Washington news, US news.

Digital platforms, TV, and radio stations are inundated by Democratic advertisements at only 12 days ahead of Election Day.

Kantar/Campaign Media Analysis Group revealed that Joe Biden’s campaign has largely outspent Trump’s reaching $177 million at the beginning of this month.

The Republicans, however, have only spent $63 million on ads, which is nearly three times lesser than the rivals.

Biden has overall invested over $515 million in his campaign, turning the 2020 election into an unprecedented record for presidential candidates.

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  • He is dominating the airwaves and social media thanks to his prolific fundraising that spared him pulling investments from states to others like presidential nominees usually do.

    “This is really a tale of two campaigns,” Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien said.

    “Joe Biden is putting it all on TV. That’s his choice, that’s his strategy. We also have TV ads. We have lots of TV ads in the president’s favor," Stepien asserted.

    But in addition to that, we’re actually running a real campaign, a national campaign, a campaign with voter contacts, a campaign with events, a campaign with surrogates, and a campaign with voter registration drives. We like our plan better.”