Democratic voters targeted by ‘intimidating and threatening’ emails in several states

3 month ago

US news.

Authorities across several states have announced that Democratic voters were receiving threatening emails suspected to be from the Proud Boys organization.

It occurred in Pennsylvania, Alaska, Arizona, and Florida where Biden’s supporters were informed that their personal history was going to be used against them if they voted for their favorite nominee.

“You will vote for Trump on Election Day or we will come after you,” one mail reportedly read, while nearly 180 others were sent to Florida University staff and students.

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  • The Proud Boys’ leader, however, told news outlets they were not behind the intimidating messages.

    “No, it wasn’t us. The people who sent the emails used a spoofing email that pretended to be us. Whoever did this should be in prison for a long time,” Enrique Tarrio said.

    “We have spoken to the FBI and are working with them. I hope whoever did this is arrested for voter intimidation and for maliciously impersonating our group.”