Biden trails GOP rivals Trump, DeSantis, & Haley in recent poll

6 month ago

Washington news, US news.

A recent poll from Marquette Law School showed President Joe Biden trailing three of his main GOP rivals in the presidential race.

Donald Trump leads Biden by a 52 to 48 margin in the new poll while Nikki Haley leads him by a 55 to 45 margin and Ron DeSantis gets the best of the President with a 51 to 49 advantage.

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  • The results depict Haley as the GOP candidate leading Biden by the largest margin, a whopping 10 points, among likely voters.

    However, the former UN Ambassador and South Carolina Governor remains well behind Trump in the Republican primary race.

    Thursday’s poll showed that 54 percent of registered Republican voters support Trump’s nomination bid while Haley and DeSantis were tied for second place at 12 percent.