Poll shows DeSantis won 3rd GOP Presidential debate outperforming Haley

1 month ago

Miami-Dade news, Florida news.

Immediately after the third GOP Presidential Debate Wednesday night, a majority of viewers revealed in a JL Partners poll that they found Ron DeSantis was best placed to challenge Donald Trump for the nomination.

The Florida Governor’s performance at the debate convinced 53 percent of the 544 respondents that he was better placed than his rival Nikky Haley to take on Trump. Only 29 percent of the surveyed thought Haley was better for second place.

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  • “Republican donors and kingmakers around the country are trying to work out who to back to go up against Trump: Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley,” said J.L. Partners’ co-founder James Johnson.

    “Debate viewers at least have a clear answer: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.”

    “He is seen as having outperformed Haley by a margin of twenty points and beats her on every attribute including the most presidential, strongest on Israel and, crucially, who would be best to go up against Donald Trump.”