Homeless California woman’s body found in duffel bag: ‘She was knockout gorgeous’

4 month ago

San Francisco news, California news.

The devastated mother of a homeless woman described her as beautiful and good to others after her lifeless body was found in a duffel bag Sunday evening.

Kelly (Brock) Koike, 37, was identified as the victim whose body was stuffed in a duffel bag and left off a walkway at Golden Gate Park.

Authorities were alerted to the body by a dog walker. A cause of death is being determined.

“I know deep, deep down in her, without this part here (indicating her head), she’s a good girl,” said Koike’s mother, Roya Koike, of her mentally disturbed daughter.

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  • “She had a messed up here (indicating her head) but she got killed.”

    Koike’s death was deemed suspicious. No arrests were made over the killing.

    “Very sad, it’s so sad…she was knockout gorgeous. I mean, she was beautiful.”

    The grieving mother said that Koike had graduated from culinary school and had a job in addition to her love for makeup and design. However, she also suffered persistent mental health troubles and chose to live on the streets.

    “Being homeless in the city, I knew something bad would happen,” the mother added.