Republican senators ask Blinken to reopen US embassy in Kyiv

25 days ago

Washington news, US news.

In a letter sent to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, two Republican senators have asked for the US embassy in Kyiv to reopen as did several diplomatic missions in recent days.

“With Ukraine’s successful defense of Kyiv and Russia’s subsequent withdrawal of forces from the areas surrounding the capital, we encourage you to fully open the United States embassy without delay,” Sen. Jerry Moran and Sen. Steve Daines wrote.

“America’s restored diplomatic presence in Kyiv will enhance cooperation with a democratic partner as it wages an existential defense and symbolically affirms our nation’s commitment to Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty.”

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  • This week, Spain announced that it is reopening its embassy in Kyiv, joining 16 other countries such as France, Belgium, Italy, and Turkey.

    “Our continued absence in Kyiv, no matter how prudent up to now, signals a lack of confidence in Ukraine’s ability to defend itself and the diplomatic missions under its protection,” the senators added.

    “Resuming normal embassy operations at once will reinforce the importance of diplomacy and America’s full support for a Ukraine whole and free.”