Fremont teen, 14, stabs mom to death, wounds dad before he is arrested ‘covered in blood’

2 months ago

Fremont news, California news.

Residents of Fremont, a town with a very low criminality rate, were left in disbelief after a teen stabbed his parents at their Northgate home Friday.

The 14-year-old boy knifed both his parents at around 12:30 a.m. leaving his mom dead and seriously wounding his father.

“The call did come from the residence,” Fremont Police Sgt. Ricardo Cortes said. “It’s obviously a big and tragic incident for that area.”

Responding officers talked to the wounded dad who identified his son as the perpetrator.

“They were able to get enough information to determine their son was the suspect in this case.”

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  • Fremont Police set up a perimeter of search with the assistance of Newark and Union City Police before they got a call from an area resident.

    “Approximately a mile away, at a residence, we get a call about a juvenile being found covered in blood,” Cortes said.

    The boy’s identity was not publicly disclosed. An investigation is underway.

    “Why this occurred, how this occurred, and what actually took place,” Cortes added.

    “To have the suspect be the child of the victims, I think that’s unusual and it’s a tragic, sad event.”