Children call 911 after husband stabbed their mom to death: ‘A crime of rage’

11 days ago

Jacksonville news, Florida news.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said that a child had made a call reporting the fatal stabbing of their mom at the hands of her husband early Friday.

The suspect, 40-year-old Nathan Matthew Rines, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder after he stabbed his wife to death.

Three children, including two teens, were witnesses to the crime at the Arlington apartment. One of them alerted police at around 5 a.m.

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  • “When you come to a crime scene and the victim has been stabbed multiple times, then you see that crime – it’s usually a crime of rage,” crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson said.

    “The person was angry more than likely at the time and they have taken all their frustration out on that individual.”

    The incident is believed to be a domestic violence incident. Neighbors described the area as not the “safest in Jacksonville.”

    “I’m not really surprised because stuff like that happens around here all the time,” an Arlington resident said.