Suspect accused of stabbing girlfriend dead in La. hid in Indiana thanks to family & friends’ support

18 days ago

New Orleans news, Louisiana news.

A Louisiana fugitive accused of slaughtering his girlfriend last March has been apprehended in Indiana, where he lived thanks to his relatives and friends’ support.

36-year-old Preston Higgs stands accused of stabbing Liz Quackenbush, 39, to death at the New Orleans home where they lived on March 3.

For the four following months, Higgs lived as a fugitive traveling across states. Detectives tracked him down to Minnesota where he grew up along with the victim.

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  • He then moved to Chicago before he vanished for several weeks. Higgs made his first public appearance since Quackenbush’s murder last week when he attended a funeral in Bolivar, Tennessee.

    After attending yet another family gathering, Higgs was arrested riding a Greyhound bus in Lake County, Indiana.

    Marshals Service Inspector Brian Fair believes Higgs was supported financially and emotionally by his family and friends during the last few months.

    His victim was a beloved chemistry teacher at New Harmony High School in Bayou St. John.