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Florida teen, 16, shoots ex-girlfriend’s mother to eye killing her while she held infant

Arizona man charged with murder after kidnapped girlfriend jumps from car, dies during police chase

‘It was on purpose’: Baltimore man arrested in fatal shooting of 12-year-old girl

4.9 magnitude earthquake rocks Texas; causes cracks on walls

Trump lashes out at Harris; mentions polling: ‘Absolutely terrible poll numbers’


Missing Ga. mother found dead in backseat of car 2 years after teen son's unsolved murder

Schizophrenic man was off-medication; struggling financially when he fatally shot wife, 4 children: Family says

California girl, 6, clings to life after mauling incident involving 2 pit bulls

Woman kills another with samurai sword in California

Florida man in custody after making threats against Trump, Vance on social media

‘Absolute miracle he wasn’t killed’: Trump’s WH doctor gives update on injury week after assassination attempt

July 21st 2024

Influencer falls to death while filming Instagram video at 300ft-tall waterfall

President Biden drops out of 2024 presidential race; VP Harris accepts endorsement

Man kills mother, sister-in-law, and 2 nephews in Brooklyn apartment: ‘He was like a crazed bulldog’

3 dead, 6 injured in shooting at West Philly block party

Trump lashes out at Democrats; Gov. Whitmer at Michigan rally: ‘I’d like to run against her’

NC mom admits killing infant daughter; says murder was ‘a mercy’

16-year-old arrested in Atlanta for double homicide of childhood friends in SC

Florida single mom arrested for leaving 3 children unattended while working night shift

12-year-old Tennessee girl kills younger cousin over iPhone in ‘unimaginable’ crime

Missing Arizona woman, 25, found dead in car next to stalker ‘who wouldn’t leave her alone’