Ca. mom-of-6 slaughtered at home months after meeting new boyfriend who spent 25 years in jail for murder

3 month ago

Los Angeles news, California news.

Los Angeles Police officers are looking for a suspect after finding the body of his slain girlfriend hog-tied and wrapped in a blanket at her home Sunday.

The sisters and daughters of 53-year-old Fatima Johnson went checking on her when she did not show up for her work.

After spotting her dead body at the South Western Avenue home, they called the police. Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene.

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  • The nursing home employee’s daughter told reporters that the family “didn’t feel comfortable” when it came to her boyfriend whom she recently met.

    The man “was just released from prison six months ago after completing a 25-year sentence for murder.”

    “We took it upon ourselves to start popping up on my mother and checking in on her to make sure she was all right because we didn’t feel comfortable with her relationship.”

    The suspect also robbed Johnson’s jewelry, car, and phone, the family added.