Arizona teen mauled to death by pack of 20 dogs; flesh found all around her

12 days ago

Arizona news, US news.

The grieving family of a 13-year-old Arizona girl says that neighbors’ dogs have mauled their loved one to death and that the involved animals have since been hidden.

The May mauling death of Lyssa Rose Upshaw was so gruesome that her body was “torn to shreds” and flesh was found all around her remains.

The pack of nearly 20 dogs had even tried to attack the victim’s mom and aunt as they looked for her.

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  • “I never thought that would ever happen to my daughter. She was a dog lover. I’m hoping and I’m praying for my daughter to get her justice,” the distraught mom said.

    “This family has a bunch of mean dogs, about 20. Her legs were all chewed up. She was gone.”

    The mom said that the dogs’ owner attempted to hide the killer dogs in several sites.

    “They hid the dogs that attacked and killed my daughter from animal control. They had to check them for blood, hair, anything that might be caught in their teeth or on their coat.”