After Biden touted stimulus checks; Trump says it should stop: ‘Stimulus is making it, so people won’t work’

18 days ago

Washington news, US news.

Hours after Biden’s first formal congress speech in which he touted stimulus money, former President Trump broke the silence and criticized the financial help that makes Americans unwilling to work.

“Businesses cannot get people to work. The stimulus is making it so that people won’t work,” Trump said.

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  • He added that businesses are now “competing with the stimulus money” calling it a “tough situation.”

    Trump’s comment over “extra cash” as he described it came shortly after Biden’s opposite opinions, boasting how his administration kept the commitment of sending $1,400 checks to 85 percent of families.

    “We’ve already sent more than 160 million checks out the door. It’s making a difference. You all know it when you go home. For many people, it’s making all the difference in the world,” Biden said.