Louisiana couple faces arson charges after setting fires near home to ‘eliminate snakes’

1 month ago

Vernon Parish news, Louisiana news.

A Louisiana couple is in legal trouble after setting fires around their home to kill snakes, as one of them told police.

34-year-old Laura Ashley Lee was arrested while her boyfriend Robert Lee Ramirez, 34, remains at large and they both face serious arson charges.

According to the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, “Ramirez set multiple fires from the roadside as well as in wooded areas surrounding their home on land owned by others.”

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  • Upon her arrest, Lee told detectives that she and Ramirez only aimed to drive snakes off their home and those of neighbors.

    The suspect did not cite a species of snakes she was trying to kill. However, the state of Louisiana is home to deadly races including the rattlesnakes that end more lives than any other snakes across the US.

    Lee posted $3,500 in bond shortly afterward and was released. Police are asking residents to help track down Ramirez by calling 855-452-5323.