Residents of South Dakota town lost power when bird dropped snake at substation

9 month ago

Aberdeen news, South Dakota news.

The NorthWestern Energy announced on Facebook that over 3,000 residents of a South Dakota city have been without power for an hour because of a bird.

“More than 3,300 NorthWestern customers in Aberdeen, S.D. lost power for an hour Wednesday when a bird dropped a 3-foot-long garter snake into a substation.”

“Crews responded and were able to restore service quickly,” the company insisted.

The reptile survived the ordeal but didn’t go unharmed. It sustained some injuries according to the same Facebook post.

It’s not the first incident of its kind around the globe: In Scotland, hundreds of people lost electricity when a bull rubbed up his “itchy bum” against an energy pole.

Power was also knocked out in Canada when a beaver ate a wooden pole and brought it down leaving Prince Albert residents offline.