Distraught mom called 911 to report newborn missing; later found dead in dumpster

13 days ago

Coney Island news, New York news.

A mom in “mental duress” contacted 911 on Tuesday claiming that her newborn was missing, Police said Thursday.

The 27-year-old mother added that someone stole the baby after she gave birth.

Officers searched thoroughly at and around her apartment on W. 28th St. Brooklyn before they discovered the baby’s body in a dumpster.

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  • The newborn was unconscious and unresponsive and appeared to have been inside the trash bag, where found, for days.

    The dumpster where the body was located belonged to another building, a block away from the mom’s apartment.

    Police said later on Thursday said that the mother had admitted to dumping the baby adding that “she’s got psych issues.”

    The child’s cause of death will be determined before she’d be charged in the case. The mom is being held at the 60th Precinct.