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Billionaire asks 'timeless' question; offers $1 Million for convincing answer

California person passes away after receiving Covid vaccine; Officials await autopsy results to determine cause of death

Texas couple came upon dead body while exploring new residence

Former pest exterminator jailed after refusing to handwork dog back to employer: ‘Nothing’s going to come between me & her’

Missouri Police asks for help after dozens of failed attempts to locate mom who vanished on Christmas, leaving wrecked car in ditch

Las Vegas man used $2 million in federal relief funds to buy all-the-rage cars, lavish condos

Oklahoma woman charged with murder after dismembered remains of roommate found in duct tape-shut freezer

January 24th 2021

Florida and Texas Governors recall National Guard troops over ‘disrespectful’ service conditions

19-year-old woman found dying in the middle of Upstate New York road

Ted Cruz and Seth Rogen exchange slurs as Twitter dispute rages on

Ten people suffered ‘life-threatening’ reactions to Modena vaccines as Fauci reveals being ‘knocked out’ by second dose

Pennsylvania dad charged with manslaughter after 5-year-old boy fatally shot 9-year-old cousin

15-year-old Oklahoma boy left disfigured with massive damage to face after being attacked by vicious dog that remains free

Girl, 10, left brain dead after trying TikTok blackout challenge

At least 200 DC guardsmen test positive for Covid: ‘They packed us together like sardines in buses and rooms’

Teen sentenced in fatal strangulation and burial of mom over his bad grades

January 23rd 2021

Ford mandated to recall millions of cars with defective airbags that caused 27 deaths so far

Software engineer walks into Sunnyvale Police Station; tells clerk he’d just killed wife, daughter

Legendary TV host Larry King dies at 87 weeks after Covid diagnosis

Bus carrying 48 people flips over on way to Grand Canyon: 1 dead, 9 critical

Toddler fell off window in freezing temperatures, dies after failing to get back home

Vice President Harris to live at Blair House as official Naval Observatory mansion undergoes renovation works

Wisconsin woman kidnapped man for months, tortured him claiming to be CIA, FBI, and Army Rangers’ agent

South Carolina boy dies after being mauled by pitbull; Dog euthanized

Texas doctor accused of stealing 9 Covid vaccine doses for family and loved ones

West Virginia mom commits suicide, leaves confession after shooting 5 children in heads, setting home on fire