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Texas parents arrested after body of week-old infant found dead in bucket of tar

New Jersey family mourns 3 coronavirus fatalities after death of couple, son within hours

Dentist held jam-packed party at Nashville home with hundreds of mask-less attendees

NYC teen, 18, dies after being stabbed, set ablaze: ‘He fought hard for life until he could no longer fight’


Nebraska girl, 14, caught driving stolen car charged with drug possession

Florida archbishop family arrested for selling bleach as COVID-19 cure, killing 7

Mentally ill mom who didn’t take medication for 3 days smothers daughter, 4, to death: ‘She was seeing red’

Plague fatality in New Mexico: Man in his 20s dies prompting community investigation

Pregnant Disneyland employee fatally hit by DUI driver; baby critical after C-section delivery

Oregon teen, 13, with leukemia vanishes after running away with 17-year-old boyfriend

USDA prepares to destroy a mystery seeds that an Arkansas man planted after receiving it from China

Man charged with killing ex-wife

Florida Sheriff orders deputis to not wear masks

Man suspected for shooting a Wisconsin police officer taken into custody

Mother names son Sky after she gave birth in a flight

Wash. father arrested after shooting death of children’s mom who came to pick them up from visit

Long-time next-door neighbor blasts child’s head at point-blank range as he played with sisters

Microsoft goes back to selling smartphones

Coronavirus-positive woman infected 40 family members at funeral: ‘Spreading like wildfire’

Fire set at St. Paul declared as arson according to investigators

Woman gives birth in Peru alone because of the pandemic

Train derails and causes deaths and injuries

Florida teacher watches student’s mom getting murdered during Zoom class

August 12th 2020

Dr. Fauci says Russian COVID-19 vaccine may not be ‘safe and effective’

Terminally-ill Florida girl, 11, shot dead by father who then killed self just before breakfast

Manhunt for Texas ‘cannibal’ who butchered horses to eat flesh leaving police ‘just speechless’

Pennsylvania man admits to killing his children’s moms within same month

One third of Americans aren’t ready to get coronavirus vaccine even for free

Active shooter situation at Shreveport Hospital: One injured, armed suspect at large

Judge releases a teen girl after she was jailed for not doing her homework

Biden chooses Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate