Right after killing father, Ohio man burns to death in pickup truck while fleeing cops

1 month ago

Columbus news, Ohio news.

An Ohio man has met a tragic fate Monday, a few hours after killing his 53-year-old father and shooting randomly at five people.

26-year-old Jordan Garrett Suydam was reduced to ashes when his 2007 Dodge Ram pickup truck, stolen from his slaughtered dad, burst into flames, ending a fierce chase with police.

Suydam was sought for the murder of his father Arthur Suydam III at their McComb home early Monday morning.

By noon, the suspect was reported to local authorities after firing at people more than 100 miles away from the murder scene.

He fired shots at a grocery store parking lot, targeting two people who managed to flee. Half-an-hour later, he fired two rounds at a woman walking her dog before shooting at two workers on a nearby road. None of the targets was harmed.

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  • Police gave chase to Suydam after spotting his speeding vehicle traveling through red lights at 100mph. At around 12:30 p.m., he lost control and ended up rolling over toward a creek.

    It turned out that Suydam had “multiple firearms visible” and ammunitions, nearly 50 rounds, that went off following the crash, igniting a huge explosion.

    “It could’ve been a lot worse. He was intent on causing harm, Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Jim Gilbert said.

    Officers said that moments before the blast, they approached Suydam and offered to help him if he dropped his long-barreled shotgun, but he refused.

    He perished inside the car, authorities said after confirming his identity through dental records.