Body of missing NY doctor found floating in lake days after leaving mom for daily stroll

2 months ago

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The dead body of a missing Staten Island doctor has been discovered floating in a lake around the area where she was last seen alive on November, 18.

44-year-old Tamara Saukin told her mother at around 6:30 a.m. that she still wanted to walk at Cloves Lake Park before the mom left.

For weeks, Police had been looking for her and scouting the area with K-9 units. The lake was also searched for any sign of her by scuba divers.

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  • On Wednesday, Saukin’s rotting corpse was discovered in the lake and police said that foul play wasn’t suspected in her death.

    The doctor, who struggled with alcoholism and mental illness, had been considering suicide in the past.

    On Oct.9, she abandoned her work at the Grant City practice for “unforeseen circumstances,” and when colleagues asked about it, Saukin said there were “family issues” and “thanks much for asking.”