Killer who dismembered woman’s body over silly argument tried hard but unsuccessfully to hide remains

2 months ago

Chandler news, Arizona news.

An Arizona murderer admitted to choking a woman to death, burying her, exhuming her, then dismembering the body all for a silly argument that made him “snap.”

Amy “Ruby” Leagans went missing on October 21 according to her family who lives in Illinois, but she in fact was at her new Chandler home, dead.

That’s what her killer Timothy Sullivan, 61, told detectives when they arrested him over body parts identified as Leagans’ where discovered at river bottom in Phoenix on Nov. 17.

The man revealed how he got furious when his new girlfriend Leagans yelled at him amid an argument prompting him to choke her until she passed away.

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  • He initially left the scene with the lifeless body laying there for a couple of days but later returned to get rid of the evidence. He covered Leagans’ body in a tarp and buried it in the mulch at his Scottsdale home’s backyard.

    But Sullivan grew worried someone would uncover Leagans’ remains in the backyard and decided to exhume her before mutilating the body.

    He stuffed Leagans’ mulch-covered body parts, in trash bags and tossed them in separate secluded areas throughout the city.

    Leagans had just moved to Arizona to “start a new life” when she met Sullivan. Her family described how, just days prior to her disappearance, she was boasting that “on Christmas, she’d be in a bathing suit, while we’re all hunkered down in our winter clothes.”