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Alabama death row inmate executed for 1991 atrocious murder of 22-year-old woman


Laundrie attorney says Brian was ‘very upset’ and ignored dad’s pleas to stay home before he left for the last time

On-set fatal shooting: Alec Baldwin ‘in shock’ after firing prop gun killing cinematographer, injuring writer

Manhunt underway in Tacoma after gunfire broke out in streets killing 4, injuring 7, and terrorizing residents

Shooting victim tossed out of moving car, died on road at ‘violence-plagued’ Brooklyn street

New Jersey man butchers elderly grandfather with ax; claims God told him to kill ‘Monster’

Michigan man gets trapped inside wood chipper, dies after equipment caught loose jacket

Henry County attorney and former top prosecutor charged with meth-dealing

‘Painful Loss’: Tufts University major dies after choking during hot-dog eating contest

Dying shooting victim drove blocks from crime scene before crashing into two vehicles

Utah teen girl, 15, planned mass-shooting at high school to leave her ‘mark on society’: Police

NYC man dies after hanging himself with shoestring at Manhattan court holding cell: ‘They cannot keep people safe’

On Marriage Anniversary; Man kills wife when she went to sleep after violent fight, dismembers body

2 Chicago cops injured after fellow officer accidentally fires gun amid struggle with homicide suspects

October 21st 2021

‘I can’t live with myself sometimes’: Parkland school shooter pleads guilty to killing 17 people, wounding 17

Subzero temperatures in the forecast for Seattle as Cyclone Bomb draws near America’s pacific coast and Canada

‘Hard to see’: Recovering drug-addict mom drops heroin stamp bags that her child later finds and ingests

Elderly Indiana woman mauled to death by family dog after she fell from uneven chair

Thief throws restaurant employee out of moving Lamborghini, kills her after stealing her valuable wallet

Dad who hid toddler’s body in freezer for 2 years did not report death because corpse had ‘bruising’

19-year-old gunman fires shots at foe’s car outside Alabama Wendy’s killing 16-year-old girl

‘Why did I do that?’: Babysitter shared weed-cookie with child’s mom before stabbing her to death

‘You will die’: Chicago suspect on probation shoots cop to face amid a struggle

Former Texas nurse who ‘liked to kill people’ found guilty of 4 patients’ murders by air-injection