3 hurricane recovery workers charged in death of woman found in charred car

2 months ago

Lake Charles news, Louisiana news.

Three Hurricane recovery workers have been busted in connection with the murder of a young woman whose remains were discovered in a burning car on November 20, authorities said.

Morgan Douglas, 23, and Friends Dixon Fife, 24, and Michael Dean Roberts, 43, met in Lake Charles, Louisiana to work as relief workers during the last storm that hit the state.

Douglas now stands accused of second-degree murder of the 27-year-old unidentified woman, while Fife and Roberts were charged with aggravated arson, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice.

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  • Authorities did not reveal much about the case other than Douglas and Roberts being housed at Fife’s Lake Charles’ home at the time of the murder and that Fife knew the victim for years.

    Autopsy results will determine the identity of the woman whose burned body was found in the car after the flames were extinguished.

    Fire marshals said that two suspects have admitted their roles in the victim’s murder and disposal of the corpse.