Hurricane preparations in Louisiana unveil remains of missing woman in empty warehouse

3 month ago

Jefferson Parish news, Louisiana news.

Authorities in Louisiana said that while they prepared to face a looming hurricane, they discovered the dead body of a missing woman who was last seen alive on Sept. 2.

35-year-old Jenna Quesnel’s murder will likely be ruled a homicide, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Captain Jason Rivarde.

“Her death has yet been ruled a homicide but we think it is possible it will be. Based on some evidence at the scene, we suspect there may have been foul play.”

Rivarde added that the case is very complicated due to the lack of information; the victim’s abandoned car was found elsewhere, but she seemed to have died at the warehouse.

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  • “We are currently searching for anything to help us lead us in the direction of her last few days and who she was around in those last few,” Rivarde said.

    An employee at the warehouse called police when he discovered the human remains: “We were supposed to have a hurricane come through the area and a lot of people were making preparations as normal. She was found a couple of days before the hurricane was threatening.”

    Police described Quesnel’s death as “very strange” and asked people to help in the investigation.

    “We have a lot more questions than answers at this point,” Rivarde said.