Biden’s campaign sign falls off as wife Jill delivered speech on health insurance plan

1 month ago

US news.

As Jill Biden delivered her speech over her husband’s health insurance plans, his campaign sign began to fall from the stand.

The doctor didn’t give any importance to the placard failing in front of her and continued her intervention calmly.

The blooper is the latest of many others that occurred during the last week of the Democratic nominee’s campaign.

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  • The most notable ones were when he called Doug Emhoff Kamala Harris’ wife and referred to Trump as George.

    At his Allentown, Pennsylvania rally Monday, Trump mocked his rival’s gaffe asking the audience: “Did you see when he called me Gorge?”

    “I don’t know if I like George. What a mess. He called me George.”

    The President wondered if he should feel “insulted or happy” about the slipup, but admitted that it was “the first time that’s happened to me in a long time.”