Family of Ohio man wants accidental drowning case reopened claiming victim was attacked days prior to death

1 month ago

Cleveland news, Ohio news.

Relatives of an Ohio man who officially died from an accidental drowning say that he was likely murdered by the same people who had attacked him days prior to his death.

39-year-old Caleb Marple was discovered dead last May in the Cuyahoga River after he went missing for 12 days.

His death was ruled accidents by the county’s medical examiner but his relatives are not convinced.

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  • Man tied victim’s limbs and drowned her before removing ropes to make murder look like as accident
  • Marple’s niece hired a private investigator, Robert Slattery, who detected suspicious events that occurred in the days leading to death.

    He was reportedly kicked out of a restaurant following a verbal exchange with someone. That same day he was involved in a fight with several individuals outside the Archer Apartments.

    Witnesses described the group body-slammed Marple and caused him to bleed in the entryway of the complex.

    The detective is trying to obtain surveillance video from the scene in a bid to identify the suspects.