Michigan man killed tenants who ‘like partying, keeping him up at night’

3 month ago

Battle Creek news, Michigan news.

A Michigan man has walked to a police station and confessed to murdering his tenants who kept partying and wouldn’t let him sleep at night.

Chad Reed’s ongoing clashes with his tenants, Joseph Soule, 34, and Jaclyn Lepird, 31, were known to all those who lived nearby.

The 53-year-old told relatives, friends, and neighbors that the couple was noisy and ill-mannered, ignoring his pleas for a single night of calm sleep.

“From everybody that we’ve talked to…it sounds like they had an ongoing dispute where they could not get along. They had arguments about money, they had arguments about you name it,” Sgt. Joel Case said.

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  • “So it was relatively common for him to complain to people that he was annoyed by them, didn’t get along with them,” Case added.

    “He would tell other people he had another bad night’s sleep and couldn’t sleep because of all the noise going on. It was a bad environment.”

    But on Oct. 7, Reed said that Soule pointed a knife at him during a usual argument prompting him to pull out a gun and fire at both him and Lepird who was also beaten and strangled as she tried to flee.

    The landlord then wrapped the corpses in plastic, hid them in the trunk of his pickup truck, and drove to an empty garage where he left the vehicle and the bodies.

    The investigation into the couple’s murder was launched on Monday when worried relatives reported them missing.