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Kentucky man traveling 143 mph, dragging cops on chase pulls over after running out of gas

9th Yankees staff member tests positive for Covid-19 despite being fully-vaccinated

US Border agent admits bringing Mexican woman illegally to work as her nanny

2 death row inmates awarded $75 million in damages after spending three decades in jail while innocent

Missouri eatery owner who appeared on ‘Restaurant Impossible’ charged with 2nd-degree murder in 2017 unsolved case

Thrill-seekers to enjoy all-glass elevator that could lift them up 1,210 ft. above Manhattan

Mom ‘hearing voices’ kills 2 children hours after police responded to fight between her and husband

May 16th 2021

Promising journalist who interviewed Obama, Biden, and Dwayne Wade dies of natural causes aged 23

White supremacist arrested after ditching his car with 3 dead human bodies in hospital parking lot

Dallas man arrested after toddler, 4, found dead in pool of blood in the middle of residential street

‘My apartment is covered in blood’: El Paso resident terrified after blood from dead upstairs neighbor dripped through ceiling fan

Maryland gunman who killed 3 neighbors and set home in fire had called 911 over 120 times

Massive 11-foot-long white shark roams New York and New Jersey shores

South Carolina mentally ill patient dies in police custody after being Tasered several times

Liz Cheney regrets voting for Trump in recent elections; Calls Rep. Stefanik’s appointment ‘dangerous’

Brooklyn shooting victim dies without identifying relative who shot him, despite spending 10 days in hospital

Navy Lt. reveals he’d been spotting UFOs ‘nearly every day’ for 2 years

May 15th 2021

Hawaii homeless man set on fire while sleeping in street: ‘Huge fireball of a person’

Valuable French bulldog pup stolen at gunpoint in California

Alabama baby’s cause of death determined leading to dad Caleb Whisnand’s charges upgrading

Suspects who threw pig’s head & blood at Chauvin’s witness home identified as 3 women

California tree trimmer named as serial murderer who slashed 4 victims’ throats

Philadelphia mom nearly kills toddlers before jumping out 3rd floor window

Barry Morphew cast ballot in missing wife Suzanne’s name: ‘I know she was going to vote for Trump anyways’

Boy whose family is suing Texas energy provider over his death in recent winter storm actually died from carbon monoxide

California woman ruins winning lottery ticket of $26 million in laundry

Texas murder-suicide: Husband kills school principal wife, himself leaving their 2 children unharmed

Tennessee pest-exterminator quits job, lives in lap of luxury after posing as Dementia sufferer’s son