Hiker, 29, found dead and barefoot in Arizona Canyon Trail known as ‘power vortex’

3 month ago

Sedona news, Arizona news.

On Friday, authorities in Arizona have recovered the body of a hiker who had vanished after hustling ahead of his friends on a dangerous canyon trail.

29-year-old Jordan Brashears was reported missing by his companions after they spent over an hour looking for him on the night of Oct. 8.

The body was located near a water jug, shoeless and detectives revealed the preliminary evidence shows Brashears slipped off a sharp ledge.

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    The friends who reported Brashears missing said they had just met him one day prior to his death when he asked to join them and hike together.

    Brashears was apparently an adventurous outdoorsman who went by “Explorasaurus Rex” on Instagram.

    He posted pictures of his many travels in California and Arizona that last being the day before his death, standing on a rim at the Sedona’s Cathedral Rock.