Young hiker fells to death trying to take off-trail picture in Grand Canyon National Park

7 month ago

Mather Point news, Arizona news.

The Grand Canyon National Park officials confirmed on Friday that a female hiker has plunged to her death while trying to take a picture off-trail while wandering with her family.

Maria Salgado Lopez’s body was located by rescuers 100 feet below West Mather Point rim. The victim was “hiking off-trail and taking photographs with family when she accidentally stepped off the edge,” authorities said.

Footage of the chilling moment has emerged on social media with terrorized visitors screaming after realizing someone fell. One witness can be heard saying “that’s why you don’t go down there. That’s why there is no trail down there.”

The National Park Service is asking visitors to stay behind railings on designated trails and to keep away from the edge of the rim.