Teen girl who told police her friends pushed large log off cliff ‘for fun’ killing photographer is now charged

3 month ago

Hocking Hills news, Ohio news.

Authorities did not detail the motive behind their decision to prosecute a teen girl who testified for the prosecution against her two pals claiming that the fatally hit a photographer’s head with a large log to be “funny.”

19-year-old Miranda Spencer had said in court that Jordan Buckley and Jaden Churchheus, both 17, were joking about 44-year-old Victoria Schafer’s death after they pushed a 75-lb, 6-ft-long log off a cliff at her as she took pictures of a high school prom in Hocking Hills State Park on Sept. 2, 2019.

Spencer told testified that Jordan and Jaden returned to her car where they sat in the backseat: “They just, they didn’t care. Jaden’s words were, “I caught my first body at 17,’ and he laughed. Like, I remember that.”

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  • Last month, both defendants appeared regretful in court as they apologized to the family of Schafer who left behind four children.

    Prosecutors recommended their sentence to be within three to 4.5 years in a state juvenile detention facility.

    Now 20, Spencer also stands accused of obstruction of justice over the murder. It’s unclear if she pleaded to the charges.