Ohio father allegedly shoots teen daughter dead; blames autistic stepson: ‘He had no idea what he was doing’

1 month ago

Dayton news, Ohio news.

An Ohio father was arrested this week after he allegedly shot his 15-year-old daughter to death then blamed his autistic son for the crime.

38-year-old Kenneth Paul Farler III called 911 shortly after noon on April 14 to report that his 15-year-old stepson fatally shot his sibling at their Bowen Street home.

“My stepson, he’s autistic. He had no, it was an accident ma’am,” the father reportedly told the 911 dispatcher.

“He’s autistic. He had no (expletive) idea what he was doing.”

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  • Once at the scene, detectives found inconsistencies in the father’s narrative with evidence contradicting an accidental shooting.

    “The remarks on the call stated that a female 15 years of age was shot and killed at the residence, and that she was killed by her 15-year-old sibling who was autistic and nonverbal,” Police Major Brian Johns said.

    “Yeah, we’re still going through the evidence, right so I would say that it’s not an accident,”

    “Even our victim was asking him to not point the shotgun at her prior to her death. That’s not an accident.”

    Farler was preliminarily charged with involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide, child endangerment, and gun charges.