Father who set car ablaze with son inside, killing him, succumbs to self-inflicted wounds weeks later

1 month ago

Sayreville news, New Jersey news.

The New Jersey father accused of setting a car ablaze with his son inside it last month has succumbed to self-inflicted injuries sustained at the time of the incident, authorities announced Wednesday.

Manuel Rivera, 43, was initially with his 9-year-old son inside the car he lit on fire outside Sayreville War Memorial High School on March 28 before he eventually fled the vehicle.

In addition to burns suffered in the arson that killed the child, Rivera stabbed himself in the throat.

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  • Rivera died from the injuries Wednesday, weeks after the tragedy. He sent a suicide note and video to his wife, with whom he had marital issues.

    “This is how it ends for me and [redacted]…I know we couldn’t live without each other,” the suicide note read in part.

    “Today is the day that death does us part.”