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Body burned beyond recognition inside car trunk: ‘It didn’t drive itself there’

Heroic 6-year-old boy helps severely injured dad call 911 after witnessing mom’s murder at hands of armed robbers

Louisville Police announce ‘state of emergency’ ahead of decision in Breonna Taylor’s death


‘Ruth Sent Us’: Protesters chanted around Rep. Sen Mitch McConnell’s home

‘I’ll keep dropping bodies until you give me death’: Convicted murderer threatens judge after killing fellow inmate

Ricin envelope intercepted before reaching White House destination

North Carolina toddler dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound with three relatives nearby

Cannibal boyfriend convicted of murder of ex-girlfriend, eating vital organs

Oklahoma Rodeo athlete and college student dies after being bucked off bull

September 20th 2020

Boy dead, twin severely injured when mom’s boyfriend break their bones and blood vessels

Green flying saucer spotted over Liverpool: ‘Never seen anything like this before’

Tennessee man allows court to seek death penalty in murder, dismemberment of parents

Boy, 5, unaccounted for after falling into Harlem River while climbing tree

Amazon still sells bleach dubbed ‘miracle cure’ for coronavirus despite being fatal

‘Sweetest person on bipolar meds’ stabs girlfriend dead while off-meds and is still at large

Merciless son stabs mom dead 70 times, attacks elderly grandmother; Denied bail for atrocity of crime

19-year-old pregnant woman was fatally shot by fiancé whose pictures filled her Facebook timeline

Texas suspect busted for decapitating Jesus statue because of ‘skin color’

Bronx man tells police his girlfriend’s mom shot him before dying