‘He did not deserve this’: Illinois boy, 14, gunned down after leaving HS homecoming game

7 month ago

Country Club Hills news, Illinois news.

The young life of an Illinois boy was cut short Friday night after he was fatally shot as he left a homecoming football game at his high school.

Marshawn Mitchell, 14, was leaving the game at Hillcrest High School when shots were fired from a crowd of people being dispersed by police along 175th Street.

“What just makes it hurt so bad is that he was a good kid,” the victim’s aunt said. “He didn’t belong to a gang. He was at school.”

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  • The boy was shot multiple times and died at the hospital. A reward of $2,000 for relevant information about the shooting is offered.

    “He wasn’t targeted or anything, just a person that made the wrong choice to pick up this weapon and discharged that weapon,” community activist Andrew Holmes said:

    Mitchell was his mother’s only son, the aunt said. His death left their family shattered.

    “If you know something, please come forward and tell the family. Please help us because he did not deserve this. His mom did not deserve this,” she said.