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Tennessee teen admits to shooting sleeping mom at close-range to head because she seized his phone

Man at Chicago McDonald’s repeatedly stabbed by complete stranger in horrifying random attack

Men discover decomposing body in back of ‘free-car’ they found abandoned along Byram, Mississippi road

Georgia woman sought after throwing injured puppy into ocean because she had no money for vet bills

Arizona man who slaughtered 4 victims in cornfield told dad he ‘snapped and shot a couple of people’

Michigan mom who wouldn’t let anyone hurt toddler accused of stabbing child to death, hiding body in garbage bag


Chicago teen, 15, who ‘hoped to move mom out of hood through football’ gunned down near high school

Rainbow spotted again above Teton County Coroner’ Office where Gabby’s autopsy took place

Shooting targeting children standing at Louisville bus stop leaves 1 killed, three injured

Dive teams summoned to area where search for Brian Laundrie proceeds in Florida nature preserve

Deadly shooting in Florida: Gunman opens fire in Wendy's drive-thru, killing 3

Texas man beat child to death as mom stood by; buried body in remote Colorado campsite before fleeing to Costa Rica

September 21st 2021

Suicidal NYC man jumps off building roof onto innocent bystander below killing them both

Retired homicide detective found dead in freezer at Riverside home shared with daughter

West Nile Virus hits fatality record this year killing 19 Americans; Mosquito season to blame

Utah National Park ranger told Gabby that she needed to ‘make a change’ in her life after responding to 'toxic relationship' argument

Inmate’s death at Rikers Island Jail ruled ‘natural’ as humanitarian group claims ‘decedent was denied medication’

New Jersey officer catches infant who was dropped off Jersey City balcony