Father calls police to report that son, 23, killed baby whose body was found near Yankee Stadium

4 month ago

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The body of a 3-month-old girl was found in a wooded area near Yankee Stadium Sunday evening hours after her grandfather called the Police to report his son's confession about killing her.

Damion Comager, 23, was arrested on murder charges after he called his father, Donald Comager, in Louisiana and admitted to accidentally killing little Genevieve on May 14.

“He told me the baby was doing a lot of crying,” the 47-year-old father said of the suspect. “He said he just shook her and lay her down, and he lay down and went to sleep.”

“He got up and reached for her and she was stiff and her body was cold. He panicked. He told his girlfriend, 'I think she is dead'.”

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  • The grandfather said that the parents did not take the infant to a hospital because she had suspicious marks around her neck. So they decided to get rid of her body.

    “They put the baby in a book bag and took her to the wooded area.”

    The remains were discovered two weeks later in a trash-strewn Bronx area. Comager's father said that he asked his pastor whether he should report what he learned from his son.

    “We prayed and he told me he can't tell me what to do but I should do the right thing. That's when I made the call. That was my grandbaby,” he said.