Arizona man 'possessed by demons' kills family pets, threatens to kill mom if she didn't 'repent'

2 months ago

Mesa news, Arizona news.

A Mesa, Arizona man was arrested Monday after he killed his family's pets and threatened to stab his own mother if she “didn't repent.”

20-year-old Jason Sperry told officers that he was “possessed by demons” when they responded to the apartment after his mom called 911.

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  • The woman said that she returned to the apartment Monday afternoon to find her son holding a knife; he then told her that he killed the three pets and chased her in an attempt to stab her.

    Officers found a dog, a cat, and a bearded lizard dead. Sperry allegedly explained that voices in his head urged him to “free the animals.”

    Sperry also told detectives that the pets reminded him of family members. He was arrested on animal cruelty and aggravated assault charges.