Fan who fell to death at MSG after Rangers' game IDd as prominent restaurateur's son

2 months ago

New York City news, New York news.

The hockey fan who fell to his death at Madison Square Garden late Saturday was identified as the son of a prominent New York restaurateur.

Officials said that 61-year-old Ernest Vogliano died after the freak fall from an escalator at the World's Most Famous Arena at around 10:40 p.m.

His death is being investigated as an accident but the family complains that they were left clueless about the circumstances surrounding the fatal fall.

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  • “We have no idea what happened but they do,” said family lawyer Fred Eisenberg. “We have to review the evidence.”

    “We know that he was there and we know that he died. We'd like to find out how.”

    Vogliano's father owned the Vogabondo restaurant, a popular Italian eatery on East 62nd Street. Vogliano was the founder of the web design company Monster Productions in New York City.