Ohio woman beaten to death by homeless friend who then left body at old car lot

one year ago

Middletown news, Ohio news.

An Ohio woman was found dead inside an abandoned SUV at a used car lot in Middletown, police said.

61-year-old Constance Reddix was beaten to death Tuesday morning by 33-year-old Darnell Dollar who then dragged her body to the car lot where she was later found.

An eyewitness called the police to report the incident, asking them to “get there fast” but when officers arrived, Reddix was dead.

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  • Relatives of the slain woman revealed that her alleged killer was a homeless man she had befriended but said that the suspect was only taking advantage of her.

    “Now I don't have a mom the rest of my life because of him,” Tabetha Reddix, the victim's daughter, said.

    “You brutally murdered my mom, and I hope that justice is served.”