Human body found abandoned in shopping cart outside California supermarket

9 month ago

Chico news, California news.

Authorities in Chico, California are investigating after a dead man's body was found abandoned in a shopping cart outside a supermarket on Sunday.

A passerby notified police after finding the deceased person outside Food Maxx on Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway.

Chico Police said that the body was wrapped in a white plastic sheet and had apparent wounds. A homicide investigation was then launched.

Investigators revealed that the body had been in the cart for several days before being discovered.

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  • “There was obviously some suspicious circumstances – body was found wrapped in plastic in a shopping cart and there were some apparent injuries that were reported and so a homicide investigation was initiated,” Detectives Lieutenant Brian Miller said.

    “We were able to see some movement,” the official said about surveillance footage and blood stains left on the scene.

    “We were able to see a shopping cart, a suspect, and the decedent moving on the sidewalk here. We came back out here to take a second look.”

    “The indication we have, the cart was there for days. I don't know how long but the cart was placed over there by the entrance for days,” Miller added.