New Jersey man stabs parents to death using ax, knives

one year ago

Hopewell news, New Jersey news.

Troopers conducting a welfare check at a Hopewell couple's house Tuesday made the gruesome discovery of their butchered bodies.

Billy C. Williams Jr. and Brenda L. Williams were stabbed to death in their bedroom over the weekend by their 34-year-old son, Craig Williams.

Craig, who initially refused to let the police troopers into the home, ended up leading them to his parents' bodies adding that they had been dead for two days.

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  • Police said that Craig had blood on his clothes. An axe and multiple knives were also discovered at the scene of the murders.

    Authorities said that troopers had responded to at least two dozen of reports of domestic violence and assault over the last two years.

    “All incidents involved Craig Williams, who was arrested numerous times for assaulting both decedents,” State Police Investigator J.P. McKay revealed.