First grader dies after accidentally shooting self in Cleveland

one year ago

Cleveland news, Ohio news.

A 7-year-old Cleveland boy died Saturday afternoon after accidentally shooting himself, authorities said.

Demetrius Dunlap succumbed to his injury shortly after 2 p.m. Investigators said that the first grader was sitting on a couch in his West Side home when tragedy struck.

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  • “It looks like the juvenile was sitting on the couch. The gun is sitting on the couch. Somebody had dropped the mag out of it already,” a first responder said during a dispatch home.

    Cleveland Police Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia insisted on the importance of keeping loaded guns from children's reach.

    “It does, unfortunately, drive home the need to secure firearms,” she said. “We can't stress that enough that, if you're going to have firearms, that you take some training and purchasing something to keep those firearms out of the reach of children.”