NY boy unknowingly eats, overdoses on THC gummies at Super Bowl party

one year ago

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A Staten Island boy has overdosed on THC after he unknowingly ate weed gummies at his family's friend's Super Bowl party.

Ryan, 11, returned home and started “acting really strange,” his mother recalled.

“My son was sitting on the couch with me, and he started zoning out. At first, I thought that he was pretending because he opened his eyes wide and laughed,” Veronica Gill said.

“Then he would zone out for a minute again, then open his eyes wide and laugh.”

Suddenly, the boy's laughter became cries for help and he started shaking as if he was suffering a seizure.

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  • “He started saying, 'Mom, I feel really weird.' He was hearing voices.”

    Once at the Richmond University Medical Center, Ryan was rushed to the ER due to an abnormal heartbeat. He underwent several tests before doctors determined that he was overdosing on THC.

    “I really was in shock. I couldn't believe it,” Gill said.

    Later on, the mother learned that the weed gummies were in a candy drawer and appeared like regular candies to the point that even the party's host didn't know about them.

    “I'm really not blaming the homeowner at all, because they're also a victim of this packaging,” Gill said.

    “What if [the mayor] makes it so that, if the illegal [sellers] don't have a warning sign on their packages, in big, black, bold letters, they get double the fine? Just to try to protect the kids.”