Ohio parents found dead from apparent overdose; toddler son left alone in 'deplorable conditions'

10 month ago

Mecca Township news, Ohio news.

The 3-year-old son of a deceased couple was left unattended for at least an entire day after both his parents died of a drug overdose this week.

Deputies with the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office were called to the Mecca Township home where a woman discovered the child alone with the bodies of his parents at around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

The couple, identified as 35-year-old Amber Barry and 55-year-old Eddie Parthemer, was pronounced dead on the front porch of the home.

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  • Detectives said that foul play was not involved in their deaths and believe they died from a possible overdose.

    The 3-year-old boy may have stayed alone after their deaths for around 24 to 48 hours, Major Tony Villanueva said.

    He described the conditions inside the home as “deplorable” and “cold” adding that there was no heat.

    The child was taken to a hospital before being released to family members.